Beetle House Sip Mask and Zombie Juice Combo!

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Get a Beetle House Sip Mask and a bottle of our Zombie Juice together in one great deal!



• Medical grade Filtration.

• Fire Proof

• Full branding and customizable

• Anti Fog (bendable nose wire for glasses and perfect fit)

• Zipper air vent that allows for cooling airflow and  easy breathing without exposing the user or others)

• Straw port under neath the zipper which allows for drinking beverages without removing the mask.

• Long lasting (2-3 years)

• Completely sanitizer and cleaned in under a minute with a steam iron.

• Machine washable (not necessary but slowed)

• Proudly made from cotton and high grade materials in the USA.


Ships in 3 days. Possible delays due to Covid-19.